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BDU flag at NP on 16-08-2003 - the flag now has its very own page click on flag to go there



BluebirdsDownunder 2 NSWolves 2



Bluebirds DownUnder soccer team kicking off with a 2-2 draw against NSWolves
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a beer, a fag and a last minute check that the tackles in full working order!

wearing the shirt with pride

players listen attentively as captain Steve gives last minute instructions


Who Needs Alston When You’ve Got Buttocks....

Mystery, excitement, thrills, heartbreak, this game had it all...

The mystery was what happened to Adrian Alston? Last reports and sightings of Adrian were of him boarding a flight out of Kingsford Smith to Cardiff (Rhoose) Airport muttering, “I can’t do this …I got my reputation to think of…. If they signed Vidmar they might sign me..we are almost the same age, there’s still a chance.” However, Club Captain Richy, who is now talking of transfer listing the famous Noddy said,”there’s no excuse, Adrian is now on the Transfer List, and what’s more Wolves have already put in a bid of 3 tinnies of VB...”

Moving to the game... History was created last Sunday when the Bluebirds DownUnder soccer team played their inaugural match against the Wolves Supporters Club in the damp yet postcard setting of Sydney’s Centennial Park..

Captain Richy, along with Mick ‘Arthur Daley' Baker were first at the pitch. Meanwhile, team captain Steve Buttocks, was stocking up at the bottle shop in Mosman. Along with Roy 'my Mum's Welsh' and Paul 'my Mum's maiden name was Evans'; the team captain with the ringers cracked their first beer of the day. A timely beer at 10am on a Sunday morning.. nothing like taking the edge off.

The crew assembled at Centennial, Martin 'I'm off the beer' (editors comment - utter bollocks), Jason 'OK so I can't kick', Phil 'its not a corset, honestly' were amongst the early arrivals. Along with Garry 'no its not Graham', Mike "Sully Mental', Russell ' Richy is bullshitting about me being gay' and finally last but not least Jim 'Give me another gram of speed and I'll save anything' took the field.

Wolves moaned about not being able to field a team pre match, but as it turned out they had 12 compared to the 11 BDU's. So what happened....?

In typical Bluebirds style, the Blues were 1 0 down after 3 minutes. A classic down the right, quick cross, saw the Wolves shiny head clinically finished. Jim's reaction was one of 'what the f**@#k?". The Blues then woke up. Buttocks thought he’d taken out the youngest Wolves player (aged 12) – it’s ok, just a figure of speech - only for the magical 12 year-old to take out the 6 foot 2 team captain. A David and Goliath moment. The game was definitely on.

Russell combining in various 1 - 2's was lethal down the right. If a goal was to come, it must be by the flash Russ. Without going into detail, there were a couple of half chances missed by the writer - well ok, perhaps 1 or 2 opening goals... At the back Mick and Garry could be heard with their motivating battle cry "Where's the f@cking midfield?"

Fair to say, other than the occasional break away, it was around 75% BDU for the rest of the half. In hindsight if there was a Man of the Match it had to be the bloody Wolves keeper, he had a blinder. Totally no bias as the writer played up front, but on any other day it could have been 5 1 to BDU by half time. Now the Wolves guys will disagree, and it’s acknowledge they also had some first half chances. Regardless half time saw 1 0 to Wolves.

Regrouping at half time, the eskey was raided for inspiration. Roy, Paul and Jason led by example and hooked in. Nothing beats the athletic prowess of sucking a ciggy with your VB at half time. Great stuff.

The second half started much the same as the first half ended. Dangerous break away attacks by Wolves, whilst maintain pressure by the Blues. Chances did come for the Blues, but in fairness the Wolves defence looked even more solid. Divine intervention was suggested when it was revealed that Jeremy the Wolves centre half was a preacher at a local church.

Despite the locked up defence, the equaliser came via a Kavanagh inspired run by graceful "check out how I look' Phil - a classic midfield run, Phil beat 2 to slot the ball into the far right hand corner. Off the post was incidental, it was a goal from the start of Phil's run.The goal sparked new life into the game, and the giants of the Playoff finals went head to head. This was a great period for both teams. Maybe because of tired legs, but a second goal by either team seemed inevitable. Despite this, it would still take something special.

A corner to BDU, the ball floated over, up went 3 or 4 player to head, all missed... then from the 18 yard line, Steve ‘Buttocks’ Hewitson rose elegantly (ya..wott!!!) to volley the ball cleanly into the back of the net. The Wolves keeper couldn't move, time stopped as everyone watch the ball leave the magical boot.... AARRRRGGGHHHH, UURGGGGGHHHH (meant to be the slow motion sounds...) suddenly GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL - Buttocks had struck again!

Football gods only appear once in a blue moon, the famous BDU had just discovered theirs...

Moving on only 15 to go and suddenly the BDU fell apart. Another classic trait of our heroes, we had to provide a heart attack finish. Buttocks went into defence, only to screw it up further, Mick, Jason and Jim were better off without the idiot. Martin, Roy and Paul tried desperately to steady the ship from midfield but it wasn't to be... in the dying minutes of the game, Jason moved to block another Wolves shot, only for deflection of gallant Jason's boot.. it left heroic Jim stranded - F#*&** wit was one cry... (only joking Jason : ).

Jason is now considering a move to New Zealand! I suggest Antarctica : )

Although an obvious disaster to loose the lead, in reflection a draw was fair. Both teams played their hearts out - "there was only 1 winner and that was football. Football is a game of 2 halves and the team to score the most goals will inevitably be the winner" (extracts from a quality Sydney Morning Herald interview with the 2 captains).

Finally, the day ended (surprise, surprise) in the Nelson Hotel, Bondi Junction - a good turn out.

A great day for all concerned, thanks is extended to both sets of players for the great spirit of the day - Watch this space for future games, and no doubt a second leg with the Mighty Wolves.


Next game…. 7 September at 11am Nottingham Forest

Steve Hewitson for BBC Wales, Sydney



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