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BDU flag at NP on 16-08-2003 - the flag now has its very own page click on flag to go there




It felt like a hot summer night in Brisbane, and it certainly is a long way from home, but the now travel hardened Bluebirds DownUnder members and visitors were more than up for the challenge of day drinking in close proximity to the English (there were at least 3 English for every Welshman there but as we all know 1 Welshman is better than four Englishmen (at least) no one seemed to care – well, we didn’t anyway. The day kicked off outside the Caxton Hotel close to the ground. (The Caxton Hotel is now on the Bluebirds DownUnder banned Drinking hole list but more of that later.)

Your Captains early arrival from Sydney had ensured that the Bluebirds DownUnder flag had pride of place on the hotel verandah, and the lads were in good spirit as they prepared for a long hard day of drinking leading up to the game. Leigh is not too sure about the English infiltrator standing next to him. It’s ok Leigh, that’s Nan, Jools young lady, and he’s working on her……to convert her I mean……to being Welsh of course…what did you think I meant?



As the day progressed most pleasurably, we were joined by these charming young ladies. I think the one in the middle is a jockey. She was definitely a good sort anyway, with lovely hand movements.

We were especially pleased to welcome Hong Kong resident Kevin a Bluebirds Season ticket holder originally from Cardiff and visiting Australia for the Rugby World Cup. Here he is pictured with Bluebirds DownUnder Brisbane organiser Dave Sansom from Newport and Bluebirds DownUnder New Zealand organiser Leigh Davies from Merthyr. After a slight disagreement with the management of the Caxton Hotel and several Rambo-esque Queensland Neanderthal bouncers the Bluebirds DownUnder captain and 20 or so Bluebirds DownUnder lads made a dignified exit from the Caxton and repaired to a top little pub across the road which was full of Welsh and a lot more fun than the Caxton (which by then was full of English anyway.)

On arrival, we found the Barry boys in full voice and obviously more than a little full of the local brew. Here, Steve gives a beautiful rendition of Men of Harlech whilst simultaneously downing 3 schooners of XXXX in 5 minutes. What a talent!!!

The lads were now in full voice as they ‘gave it’ to the English who were assembled in much larger numbers on the other side of the street in front of The Caxton. Local media showed up with the lads attracting a lot of attention.

It was all in good humour though, as rugby functions generally are, and apart from the Caxton bouncers who were obviously crapping themselves as a result of the verballing your Captain gave them, there was not a hint of trouble. That is, of course, until the Welsh team got stuck into the English team on the field, and what a hammering they gave them. Wales definitely beat England on the night, but unfortunately the ref beat Wales, and so the IRB are happy, the ARU are happy, and all those English supporters are now down in Sydney spending up large and Murdoch/Foxtel has his world wide audience, as per the outcome the IRB had promised to deliver. Anyone remember the days when the best team on the day won, the one that scored the most tries, bit old fashioned I am I suppose, today sport isn’t sport without the $$$$$’s, so they tell me.


Next stop Auckland New Zealand, to catch up with the Bluebirds DownUnder lads over there. Here’s hoping for a NZ v France final. If Australia win I’m emigrating. If England win I’m going to live on a remote beach for the next 12 months.


Cheers lads.Rich (Sydney Blue)



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08 / 08 / 2003

First Sydney, then Melbourne, now Brisbane. Monday August 4 saw our first gathering at the Pig & Whistle in beautiful downtown Brisbane. What the gathering lacked in quantity was certainly made up for by the quality of those attending, all long-term avid City supporters who were in Brisbane for a variety of reasons. Big thank you to DaveS for organizing it. Funniest moment of the evening came when we were joined in the bar by ‘Jacks’ Carl and Sarah Morris from Swansea and Ystalyfera. The couple were just off a plane that day direct from Heathrow and after a few hours ‘kip’ in a Brisbane hotel had decided to go walkabout. First bar they found was the Pig & Whistle. “F@ck Me!!! “ was all Carl could yell as he spotted the Bluebird revellers. “I’m a cop from Swansea and I’ve come out here on my holidays to get away from you Cardiff bastards!!!! First boozer I get into and it’s full of bloody City supporters celebrating promotion.” Carl and Sarah soon put it behind him and joined in with the fun. Sarah secretly admitted to Club Captain Rich later that deep down she was actually a Cardiff supporter but that she also went for Swansea just to keep Carl happy.

Left to right Captain Rich (Dinas Powys), David Ellis (Heath), Dave Sansom (Newport)
Michael Huntley (Rhiwbina) and Julian Farmer (Bedwas)

at the first ever Brisbane gathering of Bluebirds DownUnder.


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