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18th August 2003



Monday 18 August saw Bluebirds DownUnder venturing south across the harbour to their new home at the Kauri Hotel in Glebe. And what a brilliant night it was……best ever was the comment of all who attended. And what a turn out, with many new faces; people who have been members for a while but unable to attend a gathering until now. Pictured below are the lads and lasses who made it for the very first time, and not a back-packer amongst them.

Included in the picture are; Sean (Brecon) Barry (Port Talbot) Sue (Whitchurch) Brian (Whitchurch) Mary (Anglesey) Geraint (Anglesey) Simon (Cardiff) Gethin (Tredegar) Lesy (Belgrade) Budgie (Aberdare) Antony (Merthyr) David (Splott) Tristan (Cardiff) Paul (Penarth)

The new location obviously suits people much better, and we are now finding that Bluebirds DownUnder is becoming a popular venue for Sth Walians in general, and not just those who are fanatical City supporters.

Included in those numbers are Sue and Brian Donovan, who were not only first time attendees but who also were celebrating their 24th Wedding anniversary THAT NIGHT. (How the hell did you get away with that one Brian!!) The couple got a huge roar of approval from the gathered masses, and it all added to a fantastic spirit of friendship and goodwill that now holds the Bluebirds DownUnder team together.

Another reason that the evening was so popular was that it included the launch of the Bluebirds DownUnder T shirts. Over 40 of the shirts were sold on the night alone, and Mike Daughton has already gone into a second production run of shirts. Here’s a picture of some of the lads proudly wearing their new shirts outside the now famous Kauri Hotel.

We will be sending a pre-ordered supply of shirts over to Cardiff with Jim Welsh when he comes back for the Italy and Finland games (plus the Derby game) so if your in Wales and you want to place an order check out the website merchandise page and e-mail Mike NOW!!.

The evening was made even more enjoyable by the hospitality of the Kauri’s landlord Tristan and his two sons Sean and Tristan Jnr. Here they are pictured behind the bar and (apparently) enjoying the evening as much as the punters.

The lads went to a great deal of trouble getting the bar decked out with flags and bunting, and even purchased a DVD player so we could watch CARDIFF CITY-THE GLORY YEARS on the big screen. A major part of the team were the caterers,

Pictured above are the Kauri Hotels Resident chef, Filthy McNasty (Filthy to his mates) and the recently appointed Bluebirds DownUnder Official Purveyor of Fine Foods, David (Mad Butcher) Thomas, who organised Welsh sausages (Pork and Leek) for us all and who has promised Faggots and mushie peas for the next one. Great job lads, food was fantastic, and no one has reported in sick…yet. (alcohol poisoning…yes……food poisoning…no.)

And then there was the moment that brought tears to every ones eyes. No, not when Rich knocked over Kevs beer for the third time that night, but when eyes met across a crowded room and there, through the sands of time, Jon saw Geraint and Geraint saw Jon for the first time for maybe ten years.

And there was much celebrating as they reminisced about the last time they were together, in the cold northern hole that is Scarborough, following the City as they had for as long as they could remember, around the small crappy grounds of the 2nd and 3rd division.

And so the evening passed, warm, funny, friendly and oh, so Sth Wales. It was as if you could walk outside and straight onto Cowbridge Rd East. However, outside it was Sydney, Monday night, and tomorrow was a working day. Slowly the revellers departed, (although Sue and Brian the wedding anniversary celebrants seemed quite reluctant to leave) and outside it was cold like Wales but definitely Sydney. That left the hard core, the lads who were going to stay till Tristan locked the doors, because they could, because they had booked accommodation.

And so, the drinking and the chat continued, with the last five standing being Martyn, (look at his eyes, hows that for pissed?) Nic (using Martyn for support), Barry (I may be from Port Talbot but I’m 100% Cardiff) and Kev, (who was still there but sleeping on his feet). And don’t forget cameraman Captain Rich who was wondering where the evening had got too, it all went so fast.


(Sydney Blue)

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